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2012 Wonder Woman color art by Marcio Takara

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Check out the original black & white art here

Marcio Takara
Patrolwoman Diane Meade @ The Idol-Head of DiaboluThe Huntress @ DC BloodlinesCaptain Atom @ Power of the AtomZatanna @ Justice League Detroit

2012 “JLA by George Perez” Wonder Woman Commission

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Aric Shapiro is a comic art collector with the good taste to pursue a series of Justice League of America member spotlight commissions by the always incredible George Pérez. An online acolyte of Pérez, Mitch Ballard, then colored some of the pieces with Shapiro's consent. "Wonder Woman by the greatest artist to ever draw her!!!!! This piece is a huge trip down memory lane and now proudly hangs in my daughter's room. Brilliant is an understatement. Thanks to Mark for picking this up for me" Pérez's uncolored original can be viewed here.

Seeing as I've featured a lot of posts spotlighting the art of Brian Bolland (who only provided covers for about 3½ of the Amazing Amazon's lowest selling years,) and comparatively few for Pérez (who rebooted the character, drew her comics for a couple of years, and wrote them for five,) I continue to swim against the current of Princess Diana fandom. I'm glad Pérez stuck with his own nifty Post-Crisi…

1992 Wonder Woman #70 Preliminary Cover Sketch by Brian Bolland

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I appreciate subtlety, but still prefer a stalking Diana in the background over Jek Porkins.

Sensational Comics for December, 2012

There are softcover trade paperbacks of the first issues of New 52 Justice League and Wonder Woman offered this month, but I couldn't be bothered to cut and paste.

Wonder Woman
Art and cover by CLIFF CHIANG
1:25 Variant cover by CLIFF CHIANG

On sale DECEMBER 19 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
• Who is Orion — and what are the New Gods?!
• Massive changes are coming for Wonder Woman and the entire DC Universe!
• Get ready for round 1 of Wonder Woman vs. Orion!

Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. The variant cover will feature the standard edition cover in a wraparound format.This was a good month to remind me that I'll never get to write certain comics. Since the first Bush administration, my pet pitch for a Captain America relaunch has been to make him a freedom fighter in another dimension where being an American was a whole 'nother thang, and Rick Remender seems to be tapping that vein for his relaunch. Meanwhile, I've…

Dragon*Con 2012 Wonder Woman Cosplay Gallery by Shag Matthews

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Two other good full shots are here and here.

Thanks to the Irredeemable Shag for sharing his hundreds of pictures, and the Superhero Costuming Forum for arranging the shoot.

Dragon*Con 2012 Cosplay Galleries by Shag Matthews
DC Cosplay Obscura @ DC BloodlinesAquaman @ The Aquaman ShrineThe Atom @ Power of the AtomBlack Canary @ Girls Gone GeekBooster Gold @ BOO$TERRIFICDoctor Fate @ Tower of FateDoom Patrol @ My Greatest Adventure #80Firestorm the Nuclear Man @ Firestorm FanThe Flash @ Speed ForceHawkman & Hawkgirl @ Being Carter HallMartian Manhunter @ The Idol-Head of DiaboluThe Vixen and Zatanna @ Justice League DetroitWonder Woman @ Diana Prince

1991 Amazing Heroes #197 Wonder Woman cover by Brian Bolland

From the December 1991 cover-dated Amazing Heroes #197.

2005 Wonder Woman WonderCon sketch by Arthur “Art” Adams

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"It's always nice to walk away with what you consider THE highlight of the show. Art only did three really nice sketches over the weekend and I sure am glad I was lucky enough to make the list! Thanks so much, Mr. Adams!!!"Arthur "Art" Adams
2000 Big Barda commission @ DC Bloodlines2007 Zatanna commission @ Justice League Detroit2012 Zook Space City Con Commission @ The Idol-Head of Diabolu2005 Justice League of America #60 cover recreation @ Power of the Atom

The Top 20 Wonder Woman Covers of the 1950s

Hera, fifties Wonder Woman covers were boring. Not only were they rendered in a flat, frigid style, but they were terribly repetitive. Wonder Woman battles a twin Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman struggles against an invisible something. Wonder Woman and an invisible twin Wonder Woman struggle. Wonder Woman's secret identity broadcast. Wonder Woman in a medium shot lassoing something in the distance. Wonder Woman in a medium shot deflecting something coming from a distance. Wonder Woman versus a large animal. Wonder Woman shrunk or fighting a giant version of something. (Shrunken?) Wonder Woman in a medium shot lassoing (a giant?) (animal?) (twin?) something in the distance. Wonder Woman in the foreground fleeing and explosion/fireball in the background. Any of the previous, but in an especially hostile environment (midair/underwater/outer space.) I think that Bob Kanigher had a menu in his office where he'd pick one item (or less) from three prefab columns to form a cover. Wonder …

2007 Wonder Woman Day II charity art by Michael Bair