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The Top Doctor Poison, Queen Clea and Veronica Cale Covers

I often complain about the overuse of Circe, Cheetah, and Ares in Wonder Woman stories, but I must confess that I've shaved the barrel's bottom on character-themed cover countdowns far sooner than I would have expected for such an iconic heroine. Doctor Poison was a creepy cross-dressing member of the Axis in some Golden Age tales, was forgotten for decades, and has turned up here and there since her revival during Erik Luke's run in the '90s. Queen Clea is an evil Golden Age Atlantean who was brought back by Phil Jimenez pretty much solely to fill out Villainy Inc. Veronica Cale was created by Greg Rucka based on his career defining formula of being excruciatingly derivative and arbitrarily inserting at least one prominent female supporting character into every book. Cale is a female Lex Luthor, specifically the Marv Wolfman/John Byrne envious corporate tycoon version from the Post-Crisis years. I used to despise her, but other writers (specifically Keith Giffen) made…

2007 Wonder Woman ink wash art by Craig Cermak

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Craig Cermak
2007 Steel ink wash art @ DC Bloodlines2007 DC2 Justice League of America ink wash @ The Idol-Head of Diabolu2006 Zatanna with rabbit sketch @ Justice League Detroit2006 Damage ink wash art @ Power of the Atom

Wonder Woman Gallery by Brian Shearer


1993 Wonder Woman redesign doodle by Diabolu Frank


In the wake of "Reign of the Superman" and "Knightfall," I became fixated on my own design revamps of iconic DC heroes. I would do pages and pages of quasi-stick figure revisions in marker, and have sometimes featured them on my Martian Manhunter blog. Such an over-sharing occurred today, and since one of my Wonder Woman attempts was on the same page, I thought I'd crop it to spotlight here. Forgive the dismal quality, but depending on your viewing platform, the image is larger than original size. The elongated bracelets turned up in the Byrne period, and Perez did the thigh high boots on occasion in his day. Nothing new here, not even the basic image, which I believe I swiped from a Sal Velluto drawing.

Speaking of which, you might get a mild kick out of my 1994-1995 Swipe Collage or the rest of this page, offered on other blogs today.

All The World Is Waiting For Nubia!


After several years as a de-powered urban adventurer in contemporary fashions, Diana Prince went back to being Princess Diana of Paradise Island in 1973. As part of the issue celebrating the rebirth of the costumed heroine Wonder Woman, a new character of seemingly great import was introduced. An armored warrior who appeared to be Diana's equal or better (taking into account the Amazing Amazon was probably a bit rusty at super-battles) laid claim to the title of Wonder Woman. It was soon revealed in a spectacularly blatant retcon that this was Nubia, Diana's literal soul sister sculpted from dark clay at the same time as Diana at the command of the goddess Aphrodite ("Afrodite?") Nubia was blessed by the goddesses as Diana was, and meant to be raised as her twin, until she was kidnapped in infancy by the war god Mars. Nubia was then raised to become Diana's adversary, and usurp her role as the champion of the Amazons.

Clearly, Nubia should have either become one…

Sensational Comics for February, 2013

Wonder Woman
On sale FEBRUARY 6 • 64 pg, FC, $7.99 US • RATED T

• Romance is in the air in this very special Special!
• Wonder Woman consults Eros himself about her feelings for The Man of Steel.
• Barbara Gordon has always been too busy for romance, but could her role as Batgirl bring her back to the first guy she ever kissed?
• Following the events of “Death in the Family,” how can Catwoman ease Batman’s troubled soul?
• Aquaman makes waves as he treats his wife like a queen for a day.
• From the pages of STORMWATCH, Apollo and Midnighter celebrate Valentine’s Day separately but with each other in mind. Who—or what—stands between them?
• Dick Grayson and the daughter of Lucious Fox meet-cute!
• Plus: Perforated Valentine’s Day cards featuring the s…

Veterans Day 2012

When Princess Diana came to Man's World, she bribed a similar looking nurse named Diana Prince to relinquish her identity to the Amazon. In both cases, the driving motivation for the switch was infatuation with a man, which is unfortunately non-feminist in retrospect. However, the ersatz Diana Prince joined the U.S. military, and her role as a female member of Army Intelligence was exceptional for the time. Across decades of service that included the wars in Korea and Vietnam, but most especially active participation in World War II, "Diana Prince" attained the rank of Major. From Revolutionary War soldier Deborah Sampson through to our current servicewomen, let's take a moment to think of those who have fought for their country, and by extension the advancement of their gender.

For more, perhaps you'd enjoy a Mademoiselle Marie adventure from today's DC Bloodlines post on The Brave and the Bold #52 (February/March 1964), or more such combat tales by followi…

2009 Cassie Sandsmark Wonder Girl color sketch by Yıldıray Çınar


2012 “Classic v. DCNU: Wonder Woman” by TJ Frias

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"By this time, you've probably had your fill of the DC relaunches. Maybe you love it and maybe you loathe it. But this series of sketches were inevitable. I present my "Classic Versus DCNU" series. Next we have both versions of the Amazon Princess: Classic Diana in her red, blue, and gold versus Jim Lee designed, sword-weilding Diana. Mech pencil on sketchbook."
I've made it pretty clear how a feel about Xiana Amazon Warrior Princess, which is a very particular, very minimizing and alienating interpretation of Wonder Woman with origins dating back as far as the Silver Age. However you feel about Azzarello and Chiang's run, I think we can all agree that this ain't your grandmother's Mujer Maravilla. I'm divorced enough that I don't even consider it a legitimate run, and prefer Geoff Johns' awful but franchise building work with the character in Justice League that the latest deconstruction of mythology from the epony…