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Justice League of America #1 (April, 2013)

Five years ago in London, Professor Ivo met with a mysterious figure to discuss all the "super-heroes;" the Justice League, Green Arrow, Zatanna, Hawkman; that were turning up with increasing routine. "Well, then. I guess they'll call us super-villains..."

Cut to the present, as "The Dark Hunter" ran through the Kielder Forest in Northumberland, England. He had been skewered by a tree branch, and was pursued by what appeared to be a Justice League intent on his death. The Dark Hunter was convinced that he was going to die, but not yet. "I never believed I'd amount to anything worthwhile. I played right into what the world said about me. But I can prove everyone wrong. I can do better. I've been trying to." The fugitive entered hypovolemic shock, and asked a greater power for help that didn't come. "So I do what I did the last time. I tell god to go screw himself. I'll find my own way home."

Years ago, U.S. Homeland…

2007 Cheetah color art by Terry Huddleston

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"Super Friends Cheetah."The Great Wall of Villains
Black Manta @ Justice League DetroitDeathstroke the Terminator @ DC BloodlinesGorilla Grodd @ The Idol-Head of Diabolu

2011 Queen Hippolyta fanfic character poster by Jeff Chapman


2013 "First Impressions" short film

What happens when your day job gets in the way of your new relationship?

Starring Hailey Bright, Chester See and Doug Jones

Directed by Leo Kei Angeleos

Written by George H. Ruiz & Leo Kei Angelos

Produced by George H Ruiz

Original music by Glen Cheney

Wonder Woman in “The Time Traveler of Terror!” (August, 1960)

In a vast library at Military Intelligence, Col. Steve Trevor showed Lt. Diana Prince a book of disasters, including the sinking of Atlantis, the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in Pompeii, the 1871 Chicago Fire, and the 1889 Johnstown Flood. Each picture happened to feature a devious onlooker—a lean man with a disproportionally large bald head, prominent apple cheeks, goatee, and arched eyebrows. The often underestimated Trevor shows his brilliance here, as this will be totally relevant to the story, and not just a convenient narrative device to prepare readers for the book’s second-half adventure. It just so happens Steve has to leave “Di” to meet with Wonder Woman, who can’t quite put her finger on something fishy about the pictures, unintentionally shaming military “intelligence.”

The Amazing Amazon and Col. Trevor flew in her transparent robot plane, wherein he fake proposed and she claimed she’d be glad to, “When I’m no longer needed to combat evil!” Ladies, use that line the next tim…

2012 Will's War Episode 7- "Wonder Woman: How To Make A Kick-Ass Movie After Justice League"

This is a solid enough plea, if a bit broad, base and oversimplified. Then again, my own take was a bloated manifesto, so what do I know?

Sensational Comics for October, 2013

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Wonder Woman
1:25 Superman Variant cover by CLIFF CHIANG
1:25 Wonder Woman Variant cover by AARON KUDER
1:100 B&W Variant cover by TONY S. DANIEL
“We Can Be Heroes” Blank variant cover available
On sale OCTOBER 9 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
Combo pack edition: $4.99 US
Retailers: This issue will ship with six covers. Please see the order form for more information.

Beginning a bold new series that details the relationship between The Man of Steel and the Warrior Princess as rising star writer Charles Soule is joined by fan favorite artist Tony S. Daniel to tell the tale of a romance that will shake the stars themselves. These two super-beings love each other, but not everyone shares their joy. Some fear it, some test it—and some will try to kill for it. Some say love is a battlefield, but where Superman and Wonder Woman are concerned it spells Doomsday! This issue featu…

Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con 2013 Wonder Woman color commission by Johnny J. Segura III

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"A commission I got at Wizard World New Orleans. I was asked to do my own version of Wonder Woman." I got myself a Miss Martian commission at this year's Comicpalooza, if you're interested. If you'd prefer to keep it Amazonian, another piece I found online that's a bit too saucy/NSFW to post here, but that you may like: Heroine Twister Commission.

Wonder Woman: The Motion Picture (or Else!)

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Jeff Chapman

According to The Wrap, Warner Brothers are "kicking the tires on films for Wonder Woman and Aquaman" No. Shut up. I've had enough of your crap, Bros. You're making the first ever Wonder Woman feature film before the decade is out. Batman got his in 1966, Superman got his in 1978, and instead of following the natural progression to the Amazing Amazon you've had fail up in your face greenlighting Supergirl, Steel, Catwoman, Jonah Hex & Green Lantern.* Your karma smells like dookey. Make things right and build a proper DC Comics cinematic universe out of your trinity of best loved and most broadly marketable super-heroes, a.s.a.p. you s.o.b.s.

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Jeff Chapman

Lions Gate Entertainment essentially went all in on The Hunger Games, staking the future of the company to raise the $88,000,000 production budget, and won big with earnings near $700m and robust home video sales. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Charlie's Angels, Salt, …

What a Wonder Woman Full World