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What a Wonder Woman Full World

Courtesy of The Chive (which may not be safe for work, depending on their handbra policy.)

2012 Wonder Woman color art by Stjepan Šejić

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"this one is a weird mix of a strangely sucessful body rendering versus supremely lazy designwork on my sied.. but hey... got work to do so the newxt few days imma be burying myself in ghosts n stuff... also.. shes got yer can opener right there!...FOR A CAN OF WHOOP-ASS!"Stjepan Šejić
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Justice League of America #2 (May, 2013)

Colonel Steve Trevor had gone to great lengths to create the Dark Hunter cover identity for Oliver Queen, and hoped his swift turn of bad fortune could be chalked up to bad luck rather than a leak. A.R.G.U.S. found Queen near dead at the edge of the Kielder Forest in Northumberland, England after a twelve hour communications blackout, and he didn't convey much of his findings before passing into a coma. Amanda Waller insisted that facing the Secret Society of Super-Villains would be the perfect trial by fire for the new Justice League of America. Trevor worried for the safety and unity of an untested team, not to mention that they'd at least have more intel if they waited for Queen to come out of surgery. Tensions and accusations mounted, with Waller determined that the JLofA was needed immediately and if Trevor couldn't follow orders, she would find someone who would.

Most of the members of the new Justice League of America met at their new headquarters in Washington, D.…

2013 “Death And Return Of Superman Pitch” by Max Landis

Writer/Director Max Landis' fan film "The Death and Return of Superman" was an internet hit, not to mention very funny and ultimately insightful. A year after its release, Landis claims to have been approached by DC to do an actual comic version of the basic premise for the New 52 as a weekly series with Greg Pak, but scheduling got in the way. Instead, Landis shared his aborted ideas for the project in a forty-three minute verbal telling (with NSFW language.)

I get a kick out of Landis' YouTube videos, because he's a natural raconteur with a gift for telling a story conversationally. On the other hand, I'm glad the project never made it further than this, because while there are some neat touches, this tale falls into the same trap as most Doomsday stories. In essence, the entire DC Universe gets thrown under the bus to make Superman look better than anyone else, but since that only works when you game the plot, picking apart the holes is child's pla…

1994 Wonder Woman redesign by Brian Bolland


2012 Derby City Comic Con Wonder Woman sketch by Mike Norton

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"Great sketch from Derby City Comic-Con in Louisville, KY on June 30, 2012."Mike Norton
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Wonderwear I

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Since I've been torturing readers of my Martian Manhunter blog with my horrible old redesign attempts for months now, I decided it was about time that I inflict the same trauma across my other blogs. Above is a series of tiny color tests for different Wonder Woman costumes, as well as a slew of wretched reworking of her breastplate/symbol. Though undated, the text at left is a complete list of characters introduced in the 1993 "Bloodlines" crossover through that year's DC annuals (including the Batman ones left out of the trading card set because that license was at another company.)

Pooping on the DCU
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