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2013 Wonder Woman Movie Fan Casting: Pauley Perrette as Doctor Poison

With Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder's 2015 sequel to Man of Steel, and more pre-Justice League actors being lined up for cameos, my old fan casting project is becoming ever more irrelevant (even in the inherently ephemeral context of fan casting.) I figure I better try to make this a more regular affair than seasonal/twice-yearly if I want to throw out surprisingly time consuming filler material say my piece before the film industry materializes actual performers.

To that end, I'll steal a suggestion from regular commentator karl (from 2011!) and offer NCIS featured player Pauley Perrette as the original Golden Age Wonder Woman's first masked super-villainess, Dr. Poison. Princess Maru was a cross-dressing Japanese spy who took part in Villainy Inc. before being forgotten for half a century. She was reinvented in the modern era as an extra creepy mad scientist who experimented on herself to create a death's head grin that would not allow her to betray em…

2013 “131 Ares” by ColourOnly85

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