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2012 Strong Suits: Superhero Playing Cards Wonder Woman art by Craig Bostick

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While working on a deck of playing cards featuring DC Comic's Silver Age heroes, Craig Bostick hit upon the worst extended era of the character in my opinion, and wags his own finger at it on his blog. Regardless, he offers a classic and classy Amazing Amazon.

Craig Bostick
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2014 Wonder Woman Movie Fan Casting: Minka Kelly as Donna Troy

When I was a kid, I read Phoenix: The Untold Story, and found Jean Grey to be an important, tragic heroine who perished (perhaps needfully) in an epic conflict. Then I continued to read X-Men comics throughout the '80s, where they never shut up about her. Her boyfriend married a lookalike, and then Phoenix turned out to be an evil duplicate, and the real Jean was alive inside a cocoon, and then Scott abandoned his lookalike wife and their son, and then the lookalike turned out to be a clone who became possessed by evil magics, and then Jean and Scott finally married, and the clone kept dying and reviving, and Scott kept screwing around with other telepaths, and then Jean died some more.

Suffice to say, I now hate Jean Grey. She's an irrelevant joke. And Donna Troy is the Jean Grey of the DC Universe, so it's amazing that I still like her at all.

Donna Troy was created by accident when Teen Titans writer Bob Haney was given permission to use Wonder Girl, the time-traveling…