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JLA #1 (January, 1997)

In Washington D.C., the President of the United States was complaining about a variety of things, including Firehawk getting sick and being unable to serve as his superhuman escort in his meeting with "El Presidente or whatever it is this jumped-up bandit calls himself." Suddenly, a flying saucer appeared, a mile across, projecting a light onto the White House. Members of the recently decommissioned "Justice League America," headquartered in a space ship once used by the Overmaster, received a call concerning the matter. "How did we miss it? Freakin' thing came outta nowhere. We're talking major camouflage here." Metamorpho complained about the new JL "A-Team" and their egos pushing his group out of the way, while Nuklon studied the saucer and Icemaiden noted Fire had called in sick."

Superman arrived on the White House lawn just after eight large silver "eggs" had landed, from which exited a varied group of costumed su…

Superman: The Doomsday Wars (1998)

The Manhunter from Mars confirmed, "The distress call from the Georgia authorities was certainly warranted. Whatever tore through this area would present a formidable obstacle for any ordinary police force." Quite an understatement, as Wonder Woman, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, Plastic Man, Huntress, Flash and Orion surveyed considerable damage to the landscape. A large object flew through the air at the team, with Diana moving to intercept. "A tanker truck? Who could be powerful enough to hurl such an object this far?" The Flash attempted to scout ahead, but unstable ground took him off his feet. The Scarlet Speedster observed that Doomsday was back, and the beast soon overwhelmed the Justice League.

Princess Diana lay on the ground near Flash and Green Lantern. Martian Manhunter dangled limply from his cape like it was a noose. Plastic Man was stretched out all over. Only an injured Huntress and a floating Orion were still on their feet to survey the damage. The s…

2008 “Super-Toon Wonder Woman Redux” by Kevin Bolk


Comicpalooza 2014 Wonder Woman Lego Life-Sized Statue